Thursday, 3 October 2013

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Spam Emails Like Why I have zero patience for whiners

Recently, a bunch of whiny broke losers decided to attack me and my business, on
an internet marketing forum known for attracting such losers.

One of them complained that I’d misled people about My Top Tier Business.
He referred to the sales video, where it says the steps would take no more than 30
minutes to go through each day.

And that in reality, some of the steps had videos that went for over 30 minutes
(Oh, the lies!).

This is the kind of stuff you have to put up with, when you achieve success online.

These type of people have nothing better to do with their time than attack others,
spread negativity, and suck others into their small thinking ways.

The first time it happens to you, it might bother you.

I used to get angry at this kind of thing, but I’ve since realised there’s no point.

These days, the only thing I care about is how many success stories we can create: because
ultimately, this is what shuts up the haters.

There’s no better feeling than seeing my members in My Top Tier Business getting those
3k and 5k commissions when they use our system.

Especially those people who’ve never made money online, or have struggled for years before
finally breaking through and tasting success.

You can see some of them for yourself here:

There’s a spot on that page for you- if you want it.

To get there, just follow the 21 steps we teach you inside of MTTB.

As part of that program, you’re guaranteed to make at least 1K within 30 days, or I will
pay you 500 dollars out of my own pocket.

But in order to qualify for the refund, you must complete all 21 steps within 21 days.

That’s how confident I am that it works.

To get started watch this video:

After you complete the application process, you’ll be assigned your own Top Tier coach
and they’ll help you get set up.

Talk soon,


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